1900s Vintage Silent Slapstick - Car Crashes and Runaway Cars

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Description: Reel #: 9037 TC In: 0000011 TC Out: 0031722 Vintage slapstick silent film ; Man pushing cars up a hill, with cars crashing over a cliff; a man's car rolls away while he's changing the tire; a car crashing through and demolishing a horse-drawn cart; a runaway car crashing through a fence into a yard; a runaway car dragging a man who then falls down a hill; a man in a bullet car, being pulled along by a magnet; B W 1920 ms ws Man in bullet shaped 3 wheel vehicle uses giant magnet aimed at metal body of other cars to pull him along passes a girl driving a convertible uses his magnet on her car male companion suddenly pops up in seat beside her magnet car driver loses interest and a man lifting the front end of his car as if it was not heavy.
Categories: Comedy Historical